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Bismarckia Palm Plant

Bismarckia Palm It’s no wonder the scientific name of the exceptional Bismarck palm is Bismarckia nobilis. It’s one of the most elegant, massive and desirable fan palms you can plant. With a stout trunk and symmetrical crown, it makes a great focal point in your backyard. Planting Bismarck Palm Trees Bismarck palms are huge, gracious trees native to the island of Madagascar, off the east coast of Africa. If you are planting Bismarck palm trees, be sure that you reserve enough space

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Bottle Palm With Trunk Plant

Bottle Palm Cold is a very real threat, so growing in Zone 10B - especially in warmer coastal areas - is fine for normal winter temperatures. In Zone 10A plant in a sheltered location and be prepared to protect the palm from cold (see Plant Care below).

Bottles are drought-tolerant and like full to part sun locations.

Foxtail Palm Plant

Foxtail Palm A tropical showstopper in the landscape, the foxtail is available in single or multi-trunk specimens. Its smooth gray trunk is topped with a bright green crownshaft and big tufted fronds that resemble the bushy tail of a fox.

The charismatic beauty of this palm works in almost any landscaping, as long as the house itself isn't overwhelmed by its size.

Foxtail Palm Planting & Care 

Kentia Palm Plant

 Kentia palm  is native to Lord Howe Island (off the eastern Australian coast) where it can reach an impressive height of 60 feet. For indoor containerized growing, heights can fall anywhere between 5 to 12 feet. Kentias have upright slender trunks and long arching, feathered, dark green leaves (also known as fronds). General Kentia Palm Care  As with other indoor plants


Pichodia Grandis Palm Plant


Pichodia grandis Palm Palm Plants are highly acclaimed by the clients, because of their beautiful green colored bowel shaped leaves. The leaves of our Grandis Palm Plants impart tropical look and thus is best option for decorating the gardens. We offer the Grandis Palm Plants at the reasonable prices. 

Washingatonia Palm Plant

 Washingtonia genus of palm trees includes only two species; the Washington fan palm (Washingtonia robusta), which is also called the Mexican fan palm, and the California fan palm (W. filifera). These trees are native to arid areas of California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida and northwestern Mexico, depending on the species. These palm trees grow up to 100 feet tall and have lifespans of up to 100 years. They are cold hardy to around 18 degrees Fahrenheit, making them appropriate for gardens as far north as USDA climate zone 8.


Phoenix Palm Plant

 Phoenix are common in warm zones of the United States. The fruit is an ancient cultivated food that has importance in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and other tropical to subtropical areas. Cultivar choice and zone are important information when considering how to grow date trees. There are varieties with some cold tolerance, but they rarely bear fruit. Learn how to care for a date palm and enjoy the elegant tree and perhaps some fruit if you are lucky


Zamia Furfurea ZZ Plant

 Zamia love a plant with a descriptive and evocative name. Cardboard palm plant (Zamia furfuracea) is one of those ancient plants with a lot of character that can grow inside or outside depending upon your gardening zone. What is a Zamia cardboard palm? In fact, it isn’t a palm at all but a cycad – like the sago palm plant. Knowing how to grow Zamia palms starts with knowing your USDA planting zone. This little guy is not winter hardy in the majority of North American regions, but it makes an excellent container or houseplant anywhere.  


Areca-Palm Air purifier-Tree

Areca palm  (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens or Dypsis lutescens), also called the yellow butterfly palm, bamboo palm and golden cane palm, is one of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors. It's relatively disease-free and topped a NASA study of the 10 best air purifying plants. This palm tree tree, with its long, graceful feather-shaped fronds, will add a tropical feel to your home and is especially well suited for screened patios and atriums.

China Palm Plant

China Palm Plant The Chinese fan palm, also called the fountain palm, is a landscape and garden favorite due to its versatility and ease to grow.

This is one of the palm trees that's perfect for a beginning gardener. 

It is commonly cultivated as a house plant when they are young, despite the fact they will grow to 50 feet tall in nature.

Fishtail Palm Plant

Fishtail Palm Plant Fishtail palm is a fast growing feather palm that makes a beautiful addition to the landscape. It has a gray trunk (grows to about 30') that is covered by regularly spaced leaf scar rings. Toddy palm has a leaf shape that resembles the lower fin of a fish. When these palms grow to reach 20', they start producing flowers at the top of the trunk with subsequent flowers produced lower and lower on the trunk. When the lowest flower blooms, the tree dies. Flowers are long plait like bunches hanging down. Toddy palm is an Asian species that grows from India to Burma and on the island country of Sri Lanka.

Latania Palm Plant

Latania Palm Plant Latan palms are beautiful, slow growing fan palms that are perfect for containers when young or landscapes once larger.

They are easy to care for and stunning to look at.

There are actually 3 kinds described by different colors... red, blue and yellow.