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Cineraria Plant Hybrid Seed...

  • Cinerarias like cool temperatures around 45° to 55° F.
  • When temperatures are to warm, above 60°, the flowers open and die quicker. Cold drafts are another possible problem for this plant.
  • They can cause wilting or yellow leaves to develop.
  • This plant needs consistent water and should feel moist at all times.
  • Cineraria need a high light area but should be away from any direct light. They also like a more humid environment.

Cleome Spinosa Plant Hybrid...

Cleome (Cleome hasslerana) starts blooming when it is only 1 foot or so high, and keeps growing higher until it is 4 to 5 feet tall and spreads 1 to 2 feet. After planting, blooming starts in mid-summer and continues through mid-to-late fall. For earlier flowers, let cleome seed germinate indoors. The cleome displays pink, purple and white flowers. They make beautiful cut flowers, and attract butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. 

Gerbera Plant Hybrid Seed...

Gerbera These beautiful blooms are perfect for any occasion (or for no occasion) and for any region (except Alaska). It’s widely recognized that sending colored Gerbera Daisies represents different emotions, similar to what each rose color means. The best thing? Gerberas are easy to care for, whether in a vase/pot inside, or planted/potted outside.

Geranium Pacific Plant...

Geraniums (Pelargonium x hortorum) make popular bedding plants in the garden, but they’re also commonly grown indoors or outside in hanging baskets. Growing geranium plants is easy as long as you can give them what they need. How to Grow Geraniums Depending on where or how you grow geranium plants, their needs will be somewhat different. Indoors, geraniums need lots of light for blooming but will tolerate moderate light conditions.

Cosmos Plant Hybrid Seed...

Cosmos are annuals, grown for their showy flowers. The flowerheads may be bowl– or open cup–shaped and are atop of long stems. Cosmos are easy to grow and make good border or container plants. They make for good decorations in flower arrangements and also attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden.

Cosmos produce 3- to 5-inch daisylike flowers in various colors, including pink, orange, red and yellow, white, and maroon. These beautiful plants can reach 6 feet tall.

Kochia Plant hybrid Seed...

Kochia scoparia grass, also known as fireweed or burning bush, is a plant native to Eurasia. Gardeners value the plant for its bright red foliage in autumn and its drought resistance. Introduced to the United States in 1900, Kochia scoparia is a common crop for sheep and cattle, and it also serves as an ornamental plant. When growing Kochia scoparia grass, planting the seeds in late April to early May ensures the best results.

Portulaca Plant Hybrid Seed...

Portulaca growswell in poor, gravelly or sandy soil.

At heights of no more than 6 inches, portulaca, also known as moss rose or sun plant, is a low-growing stunner with cactus-like blooms that last all summer. The blooms, in bright jewel tones of orange, pink, purple, yellow, red and white, grow on thick, succulent foliage. Portulaca is cold-sensitive and thrives in hot, dry areas. It is grown as an annual in most climates. However, the plant is perennial in U.S. Department of Agriculture growing zones 10B through 11. Plant portacula in a rock garden, patio container or hanging basket. Once planted, portacula requires virtually no care.